Scalability is a key factor for continued growth in energy markets which have become increasingly competitive in recent years. To grow the number of trades in SANIA Power is possible because of an intensive focus on digitalisation across the entire value chain. The use of automated solutions such as machine learning, algorithms, and robotics from the front to back office plays an increasingly important role at SANIA Power and will continue to do so in the future.


To remain competitive for the long-term, we aim to improve speed and decision-making quality by increasingly applying advanced analytics, algorithms and automation in pre-trade, trade, and post-trade processes.


In the coming years, digitalisation in the energy trading sector will impact the content of many jobs, and at the same time, SANIA Power will continue to grow and increase the scale of its business, underlining the importance of constantly developing the skillset of its employees.

Just like the people continuously develop SANIA Power, SANIA Power will continue to develop its people. This will be done by offering development plans, more than 15 different courses through the Company’s in-house training and knowledge hub, universities, and access to development opportunities.

Furthermore, SANIA Power can borrow expertise from a third party and employ new colleagues with complementary skills. In that way, the people prepare SANIA Power for the future, and SANIA Power future-proofs its people’s capabilities and careers.