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We Do?

SANIA Power has built a successful business on trading energy commodities in the last seven years. The Company's power and natural gas trading activities cover time-delimited markets from forward to day-ahead and intraday. SANIA Power is a Central European Gas Hub member.

Through energy commodity trading, our Company transforms energy in space, time, and form. Using comprehensive data sets, analytical capabilities, automation and deep market knowledge, SANIA Power turns information and data into knowledge and knowledge into business success.

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7 Year’s
Of Experience

Our mission is to deliver exceptional, personalised, and flexible services and the best possible energy product prices to our customers through strict guideline of honesty and integrity.
SANIA Power’s vision is of an increasingly interconnected and prosperous world where physical energy commodities pass seamlessly from their points of origin to points of need. Our firm would like to play an active role in a well-functioning European energy market.

Our Partners Who Chose Us

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Our Team

The quality of SANIA Power’s management team is one of the best predictors of our success. Our management has a solid professional background and previous relevant experiences in the energy business. Our business is and always will be based on our employees' talent, ideas, and hard work.

Shareholders of the Company feel fortunate and inspired to be working together with such talented people, and they are proud that SANIA Power is one of the best workplaces in Switzerland on surveys of employee satisfaction.

Hiring, training, and retaining our team of skilled employees is a competitive advantage for our business. We put in the time and care to select outstanding candidates for open positions, train our current employees, offer professional development opportunities, and create a culture wherein our people feel supported and challenged.

SANIA Power’s team:
• gets organised and plans ahead;
• keeps detailed records;
• learns about our competitors;
• understands the risks and rewards;
• focuses on customer service;
• is creative;
• stays focused;
• explores technology;
• is consistent;
  • Business Name: SANIA Power AG
    Address: Baarerstrasse 14, 6300 Zug
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