In the last years, SANIA Power continued executing on the strategic ambition to develop a more diversified business with additional income streams. As a growing energy trading house, we compete with established players to bring freedom of choice and fair energy prices to producers, suppliers, and consumers. We trade across borders, ensuring the best prices and conditions for our customers.


Over the past seven years, we have delivered ever stronger financial results with a smaller but more mature and experienced organisation and all core business areas are delivering and expanding as planned. Undoubtedly, achieving outstanding results was important, but the potential of our Company will continue to unfold in the coming years: we will strengthen our core business even further, we will explore the potential for trading new commodities, and we will expand to new markets in a controlled manner – one market at a time.

Seven years into our journey, we remain challengers by heart, we are competitive by nature, and we repeatedly deliver on our targets. We are stronger than ever going into the second half of 2022 and the following years.